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NITEK (Northern Information Technology, Inc.), is a Rolling Meadows, Illinois based company specializing in the development of unique products for the security equipment market. NITEK has been developing and manufacturing products for the security industry since 1983.

The company currently specializes in a line of products designed to provide video links, data links and power over twisted pair cables and leased telephone lines. The products are primarily used in closed circuit video and control system applications. The company is dedicated to providing useful products with a reputation for performance and reliability. The products of NITEK are designed to be exceptional in their capability to transmit information of the highest quality, for the longest distances at the lowest possible cost.

As a result of this company's commitment, NITEK has developed a line of products unequalled in the marketplace. Examples are the Model EX1120 Twisted Sender System, capable of live video transmission for distances up to two miles over UTP cables and the Model VL6028 V-Link System, capable of full motion, fast-update video transmission for distances up to 10 miles over leased telephone line circuits.

Most recently NITEK has introduced a new line of products under the "UTPLinks" name for application in the Structured Cabling environment. All of the NITEK Products are manufactured in the United States. NITEK products are in use throughout the world in numerous commercial, industrial, government and military applications, among others.

Since October 2005 Nitek opened a European Headquarter in Holland. This office will be responsible for the complete EMEA region. A team of specialists will help the customer with all kind of questions, training, technical support, site visits and orders. You can reach them in Holland

Nitek products are sold by our distribitors in the EMEA. Please contact us for a complete list of distributors and partners in your eegion. Click here(email naar mij voor info van lijst distribiteurs)